Under Pressure

Have you ever walked around a modern art gallery and pondered abstract art? I never have any clue what to make of abstract art…except that I presume that they convey some kind of emotion. If you asked me to paint an abstract piece capturing the way I feel right now, it might be a littleContinue reading “Under Pressure”

Orinoco Flow

Jim has asked us to feature elevator music for today’s Song Lyric Sunday. I didn’t know what elevator music was, but someone said it is the kind of music they play in shops? Which shops? The shops I go to play Sigala and Katy Perry all day long! Does Enya count as elevator music? ItContinue reading “Orinoco Flow”

Cocktails & Dreams

I have trying to organise a celebration with my friends for when lockdown is lifted. I wanted to host a cocktail party. But the news, I am hearing that now lockdown might not lift at the end of June after all. What a year this has been! I don’t know whether it is worth trying.Continue reading “Cocktails & Dreams”

Oh India

My hearts bleeds for you. I have been watching the news everyday and feeling a painful lump in my throat and a weight upon my heart. It’s so hard to read about the numbers of cases, and of deaths. It is so deeply sad. I know I am not the only one who feels thatContinue reading “Oh India”

Nestle Aero Caramel

I always think of Aero as bubbly chocolate…well, it is really. I have not bought an Aero in many years, partly because I thought it was boring. What tempted me with this bar? Caramel!! Yum! It was caramel flavoured, rather than an actual physical layer of caramel. But it was really delicious!!! I don’t knowContinue reading “Nestle Aero Caramel”

Lazy Bones

I feel as if I have become so lazy during the Pandemic. I was trying to be content when they were telling us to STAY AT HOME. I did things like join zoom parties and set up my blog. But now….well, now I am sometimes lacking motivation to get out an start living again. It’sContinue reading “Lazy Bones”

Broadcasting Works!

Ages ago I went on a course about advertising and marketing. I will never forget the discussion of what broadcasting means. Broadcasting was literally a farming term. In the past, farmers would go out with a huge bag of seed. The would put their hand into the bag and clutch a handful of seed, andContinue reading “Broadcasting Works!”

One More Day!!

I am on my “last legs”!!! I have one more day of work to go and then finally I can rest! I am so tired. I have been working so much overtime lately, and doing lots of training too. This week has really sucked all the energy out of me, and my calves are burning!Continue reading “One More Day!!”


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