Lazy Bones

I feel as if I have become so lazy during the Pandemic. I was trying to be content when they were telling us to STAY AT HOME. I did things like join zoom parties and set up my blog. But now….well, now I am sometimes lacking motivation to get out an start living again.

It’s not that I am not trying. I still go for walks. When I call my friends, I suggest we meet up. But they seem to want to do that online. I see my new boyfriend and that is nice. I have done a little shopping, but it does not seem to be the same as it was before.

Maybe I am just tired. Maybe I just need a holiday. I don’t know. But I don’t think I should be wasting hours in front of a laptop. It feels like a waste.

Published by ZOE means LIFE

I am generally a lover of life and people. I wanted to start a blog to have an outlet for the millions of thoughts in my mind and to be able to connect with the world of the living. Since life seems to have moved online since the pandemic began, I need to join this party!

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