Heart Spark

I know that it’s still early days

And this is weird in lots of ways

But I like what I know of you

The things you say, the things you do

You wrote you’re looking for a wife

Someone with whom you can share life

I’m too young to get married now

I want to say but don’t know how

Since we’ve been friends I’ve come to know

Inside I feel an inner glow

In my heart, you’ve switched on a light

Now I fly higher than a kite

Every time you show that you care

I think we’d make an awesome pair

Your messages are oh so sweet

When lockdown’s over – can we meet?

Published by ZOE means LIFE

I am generally a lover of life and people. I wanted to start a blog to have an outlet for the millions of thoughts in my mind and to be able to connect with the world of the living. Since life seems to have moved online since the pandemic began, I need to join this party!

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