My Boss – The Black Hole

I don’t really understand what black holes are. I have read several online encyclopaedia articles on black holes as well as a fascinating article about the Cygnus constellation – but nope – I still don’t really understand.

Yet I use the term “he’s like a black hole” (talking about my boss) on a regular basis. I don’t know how or why he does it – but as soon as I appear in the building, he wants to pass on a thousand pieces of information, most of which have nothing to do with my job. For almost two hours, he demands my attention, so that when I start work, I panic about how much there is to do in so little time. I end up having to work under stress because of how much time he has sucked up from the day, preventing me from doing anything.

I do not understand it. It is an odd phenomenon. He is like a black hole – sucking up time and energy and obscuring everything else. After lunch, he always disappears into his office and only emerges about an hour before the rest of us leave. That last hour, he does the same thing again – he talks and talks and talks about things that none of us understand. We feel rude – we work like the clappers trying to finish off everything and have a clean up before we exit the building.

But he has this funny habit of insisting on eye contact to assure him that we are listening. We are listening and at the same time asking “what is he talking about?”

The two days when my boss does not work each week, we manage to get a huge amount done. He is a nice guy, but I have no idea why he wants to stop us working in order to listen to him. I am guessing perhaps he does not get that at home? Well, that is just speculation. So instead he pays me and the rest of the team £10 to be his sounding boards.

My boss – the ultimate black hole – but a nice guy too.

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I am generally a lover of life and people. I wanted to start a blog to have an outlet for the millions of thoughts in my mind and to be able to connect with the world of the living. Since life seems to have moved online since the pandemic began, I need to join this party!

3 thoughts on “My Boss – The Black Hole

  1. It certainly sounds as though your boss is a little needy. He probably doesn’t realise how much of your time he is taking up.
    Perhaps one morning you could be ready for him and tell him that what he’s saying seems to have little relevance for your role and as you have a lot of work to get through would he mind if you just got on with it.

    Thanks for doing our challenge, Zoe. 🙂


    1. Hi Sue
      Thank you for reading my post 🙂
      Last time I had an appraisal, I tried to sneak in this situation to him, and he looked shocked. He asked me to explain what I meant. I tried to, but his response was to tell me there was no need for me to feel stressed at work, that I should stay cool and organized. I just don’t think he understood that what I was trying to tell him is that during the time he is talking, I end up doing nothing, and then when he is in his office during the afternoon it becomes a race to catch up on our work before he emerges again. I was scared that I was going to sound as if I was complaining too much about him when it was my appraisal.
      He is a nice guy, but it is so weird the way he does this. We have had to learn a way of getting as much work as we can done when he is not there.
      The other funny thing he does – sometimes he will see us doing tasks and he says, “You don’t have to do that now, you could do it tomorrow instead”. If we listened to him, everything would be procrastinated. Then on the days when he is off work, we are under huge pressure to catch up with all the tasks he said to leave until the end of the week. I have never had a boss quite like him. But he is such a nice guy. He is always bringing in biscuits and chocolate for the team. He offers to make tea for us every morning. We like him and would be scared to lose him, but he makes getting work done really strange.

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      1. I can see he’s a hindrance, he’s obviously never heard that the first hours of the day are the most productive, it’s the time where we have the most energy and are the most focused.

        Do not feel guilty about hurting his feelings, his actions are forcing you to work harder and are increasing your stress levels – get together with your colleagues and work out a way to talk to him and ask for the long morning briefings to be postponed until the afternoon. You might get away with just one meeting per day instead of two.

        What is clear is that you really do need those first hours of the day to become more productive and not wasted on listening to his speeches.


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