Live Life

I am starting a blog today because the third National Lockdown we have been through is making me feel cut off from life sometimes. I am still alive, but I just don’t get to share the millions of things on my mind and my experience of everyday life.

So expect a taste of Zoe’s life on this blog. I really am not sure of everything I will be writing about, although I know there will be a lot of chocolate in there, and probably movies and music too. National Lockdown has been bearable because of little treats. So I will share some of those treats for Zoe with you…and hopefully, when it is safe to emerge from our homes and live without fear again, I will have even more to share with you!

I hope you enjoy! Oh and in case you missed it – my name “Zoe” – it means life!!! So I need to be all about living!

Published by ZOE means LIFE

I am generally a lover of life and people. I wanted to start a blog to have an outlet for the millions of thoughts in my mind and to be able to connect with the world of the living. Since life seems to have moved online since the pandemic began, I need to join this party!

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