ZOE means LIFE

….this is a blog about all the things that make LIFE special….and includes lots of little treats too!

Latest from the Blog

Tearing My Fears Apart

I really wanted to pay tribute to an incredible man in this week’s Song Lyric Sunday. At the age of 95, Tony Bennett announced his retirement this week. This man’s voice makes me melt! I love listening to his recordings of famous songs. This is perhaps my favourite recording by Tony Bennett, it is aContinue reading “Tearing My Fears Apart”

Cupcake Challenge

Hugh wants to bake something for The Great Bloggers Bake-off….so this weekend we are going to make cupcakes! I wanted to make cornflake cakes – my favourite since I was at primary school. Hugh said that’s not baking, that’s melting chocolate. So instead, we are going to be getting out flour and sugar and eggsContinue reading “Cupcake Challenge”

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